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African Sporting Creations
1421 Lexington Avenue, Suite 257
Mansfield, OH  44907

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British Campaign Furniture
Like everything else we offer, our British Campaign furniture and accessories are unique and have a great story behind them. To our knowledge, they are the only ones designed after actual pieces of antique British Campaign Furniture. These pieces are extremely sturdy and were designed to go together very quickly and then break down in minutes for storage or transportation. It is almost be impossible to tell the difference between these items and what was supplied to the British military in the late 1800's and early 1900's during their many campaigns around the world when the "Sun never set on the British Empire". This versatile furniture first saw service in India and was then used extensively during the Boer War in South Africa. After that, it continued to earn its stripes on the Dark Continent during the Golden Age of Safaris that started in the early 1920's. Over 100 years after its original debut, some of the very best African Safari Outfitters are still putting it through its paces.

All these products will last several lifetimes and use the best raw materials available.

  • Solid African Mahogany framing-an extremely strong wood
  • Solid brass screws and fittings
  • Wash basin uses powder coated metal for rust resistance
  • Thick, vegetable tanned, hand worked leather
  • Heavy duty canvas coverings
  • Canvas drawstring bags for easy transport
  • Full assembly instructions

Each piece is custom made, one at a time, by exceptionally skilled artisans in South Africa by this “Best Quality Manufacturer”. These distinctive and unique items add excitement to any setting as a little bit of the Dark Continent travels right there with you. Order your assortment of pieces today and start enjoying them tomorrow on your next adventure!

British Campaign Furniture
British Campaign Gun Rack

Code: AUCA800-1
Price: $799.00
Qty in Cart: none

This beautiful and functional piece stores up to 9 firearms in leather covered spaces that are wide enough to accommodate 12 gauge S x S shotguns. When set up, it measures 36” wide x 32” tall and 26” deep. When it is folded for transport, it measures 36” wide x 33.5” tall x 5” deep. The wood tray on top measures 21”x 3 ½”x 3 ½ “and can accommodate 4 boxes of big bore cartridges or six boxes of 12 gauge shells. They are custom-made, one at a time, by skilled South African artisans and feature beautiful African mahogany frames, thick saddle leather, solid brass fittings and a heavy-duty canvas carrying strap that attaches to heavy-duty brass eyelets. This is an extremely sturdy and finely crafted piece that folds flat for transportation and can be deployed in minutes. These heirloom quality creations are nice enough to be displayed inside and rugged enough for field use. Order one today and take a little bit of British ingenuity with you wherever you go!

The gun rack ships at the flat rate of 20% of invoice within the continental USA. Fee includes UPS Ground Shipping, Large Package Surcharge, and packing by UPS which helps to reduce the risk of damage during transit and ensures that UPS will honor any claims.


Take-Down Campaign Chair

Code: AUCA100-1
Price: $599.00
Qty in Cart: none


This chair is named in honor of the headquarters of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers at Roorkhee, India and a mainstay of the Army and Navy Stores Catalogs. The Roorkhee chair was among the most popular models of campaign chairs used by British Officers from approximately 1898 to the start of WW II. They needed a chair that was lightweight, could be folded up, carried around easily and loaded onto a packhorse. It also needed to be comfortable and able to adapt to use on uneven terrain without breaking.

It is the perfect height for a standard dining room table and the overall height (39"), armrests (29") and seat (18") are 5" taller than the regular sized version. Optional heavy-duty canvas cushion for added comfort is available for $49.

Save on sets!

British Campaign Chairs & Side Table Package

Code: AUCA100-2
Price: $1,549.00
Qty in Cart: none

Purchase a package containing two Roorkhee chairs and one of the Harry Moon collapsible side tables.

Optional heavy-duty canvas cushions are available for $49 each.

Campaign Table

Code: AUCA200-1
Price: $449.00
Qty in Cart: none

This side table has a closely slatted wood top that you cover with the canvas top and like all the other pieces collapses down flat for easy transport. It weighs 11 pounds and measure 24” tall, 24” wide and 19” deep.

Save on sets!

Harry Moon Wash Basin / Champagne Bucket

Code: AUCA300-1
Price: $349.00
Qty in Cart: none

This basin has many uses….champagne bucket, wine cooler, shaving station or washbasin. Only your imagination will limit its application. It weighs 5 pounds and can be positioned at various heights. Like all the other pieces, it collapses down flat to 36” for easy transport.