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African Sporting Creations
1421 Lexington Avenue, Suite 257
Mansfield, OH  44907

(419) 529-5599

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Shotgun Accessories
Els & Co Shotgun Cartridge Belt

Code: RICA560-20
Price: $429.00
Qty in Cart: none

The Rouxville Shotgun Cartride Belt is cut from full grain leather and is painstakingly hand stitched by our team of local craftswomen. To ensure durability and comfort, we use solid cast brass while the inside of the belt is padded and suede lined for extra strength and a soft luxurious finish. Available in medium and large with leather loops to secure either 12g OR 20g rounds.

The entire belt is hand stitched, around 480 stitches in total, using thick wax coated cotton thread that gives a genuine old school finish and the honest tactility of true craftsmanship.

A thick leather strip at the bottom edge of our cartridge belt stops the rounds from falling through the loops. This leaves your rounds standing proud, easy and quick to reach when the birds are flying thick and fast.

The inside of the cartridge belt is padded and suede lined, giving additional strength to the leather and making for a soft, luxurious finish.

Els & Co uses solid cast brass imported from the United Kingdom to ensure the best in casting. The leather loops securing each cartridge in place are shaped to the exact dimensions of the round for which the belt is intended. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it also makes loading your belt easy as your rounds fit perfectly.

All of Els & Co products are crafted using only the best quality vegetable tanned leather we can source. It is self dyed and hand rubbed with our own mixture of beeswax, animal fat and vegetable oil for a classic old school look.

The Rouxville has an adjustable end that sets it apart from most cartridge belts. It is quick to adjust when shedding your thick jacket, so no time wasted fiddling with your belt.

Should size become an issue, it is an easy fix...just replace the adjustable belt tip. No need to buy a new belt.

Deluxe Shooting Bag

Code: RICA500-110
Price: $399.00
Qty in Cart: none

Deluxe Shooting Bag is perfect for a day at the range whether you are practicing for a trip to Africa or shooting a round of sporting clays. This extra-large bag measures 15W x 12H x 9 overall and also has a 13W x 7H x 2 outside pocket for gloves, glasses and other gear. The four-flap top keeps dirt and dust out and is plenty big enough for a case of shotgun shells, hearing protection, etc. Rolled carrying handles, heavy-duty hardware and a padded, adjustable shoulder strap make this easy to carry. Available in tan.

Deluxe Shot Shell Carrier

Code: RICA500-115
Price: $99.00
Qty in Cart: none

This heavy duty handmade saddle leather carrier will hold four boxes or 100 shotgun shells. Its inner flap snaps together for weather protection and its top flap snaps together to become a carrying handle.

Traditionally styled and constructed with only of the finest top grain American cowhide, this carrier is finished with rich oil tan stain then hand-rubbed and buffed with a sealer for luster and durability.

9″ Wide, 7″ High, 6″ Deep

Brown Cape Buffalo Shotgun Sleeve

Code: RICA500-116
Price: $149.00
Qty in Cart: none

Our brown Cape buffalo shotgun sleeve is padded, has a side squeeze buckle closure and adjustable nylon shoulder strap. Accomodates shotguns up to 50 long.

Monogram with up to 3 initials for an additional $15.

Brown Cape Buffalo Shell Carrier

Code: RICA500-117
Price: $99.00
Qty in Cart: none

Our brown Cape buffalo shell carriers hold four boxes of shells in divided pockets and slide onto belts up to 2 wide. Eyelet rings are placed to display your shooters number or to hang a towel. Front gusseted pouch with snap closure is perfect for choke tubes. Choose from the standard brown Cape buffalo or with a Nile crocodile hornback flap.

Brown Cape Buffalo: $99 (left)
Croc & Brown Cape Buffalo: $129 (right)