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Craig Boddington Books & DVDs
Buffalo! - [Hardcover Book]

Code: SABO-002
Price: $40.00
Qty in Cart: none

Over the course of nearly 30 years of African hunting, one of the things you learn is the animal that excites you the most. For Craig, that is buffalo first and foremost. He has hunted them in a dozen African countries and has been very lucky with big buffalo. But whether a monster or just an average bull, there is nothing more exciting than getting close to buffalo. In this this book, he shares with the reader a wide range of topics including hunting destinations, trophy judgment, shot placements, hunting techniques, “other” as well as Cape buffalo…and more. Whether you have hunted buffalo or just plan you, he is sure you will enjoy reading this book as much as he did writing it. Hardcover, 6"x9", dust jacket, 256 pages

From Mount Kenya to the Cape - - [Hardcover Book]

Code: SABO-003
Price: $35.00
Qty in Cart: none

Out of print for several years, this book covers Craig's first ten years of African hunting. Chronologically, the chapters are from the period 1977 to 1986, including hunting in: Kenya, Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe, Zambia, Southwest Africa (later Namibia), South Africa, and Botswana. Hardcover 6”x9”, dust jacket, 274 pages, B&W photos.

Safari Rifles II - [Hardcover Book]

Code: SABO-005
Price: $50.00
Qty in Cart: none

In 1990 Craig Boddington and Safari Press launched what proved to be one of the most popular and enduring books on rifles and calibers for Africa ever written, going through no less than twelve printings. To write an in-depth book about a complex matter, one needs experience. When Craig Boddington wrote Safari Rifles in 1989, he had experience, but today his name has become synonymous with African big-game hunting. Added to his vast experience is the exponential increase in the number of rifles, calibers, bullets, and accessories that are available to the hunter going on a big-game safari in Africa today—not to mention the amazing resurgence of both double rifles and .416s. Given these factors, it was imperative to completely revise and update Safari Rifles and to include all new photos.

Many writers proclaim their knowledge of African hunting, but few have the true in-depth experience that comes from thousands of days afield. Boddington’s Safari Rifles II is a rare gem of a book, offering solid information based on vast experience and insight gathered over the last thirty years of hunting on the Dark Continent.

Tracks Across Africa - [Hardcover Book]

Code: SABO-006
Price: $40.00
Qty in Cart: none

Craig Boddington’s first African hunting book, From Mount Kenya to the Cape, chronicled his hunting exploits from 1977 to 1986. Since that time he has written a book every ten years on his African experiences. Now he’s back with Tracks Across Africa, which chronicles his third decade of African hunting. He actually hunted in about twice as much territory and for twice as many days during the last decade, 1997–2006, as he did during his first decade. He explains the upturn in time this last decade to the need to support his African TV hunting shows with on-the-ground hunting footage. But we suspect there is a more basic truth: He simply loves hunting in the Dark Continent—its forests, velds, people, and animals. What serious big-game hunter has not at least thought of Africa with its tremendous expanses, its great game fields, and some of the mightiest (and smallest) animals found on earth? Kenya was the first country he hunted in back in 1977, and there is actually a section on hunting in Kenya in this book. Pretty much every country open to hunting in this period saw Craig Boddington walking on its soil: C.A.R., Chad, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Mozambique. The animals pursued are as diverse and range from mountain nyala, elephant, and leopard to bongo, and, of course, buffalo. There is hardly a safari where he does not hunt buffalo. In these past ten years, he has hunted more in Africa than most people experience in a lifetime. Hey, we can all dream, but in the meantime we can read about it.

Where Lions Roar - [Hardcover Book]

Code: SABO-007
Price: $35.00
Qty in Cart: none

Finally, Craig Boddington's long-awaited sequel to From Mt. Kenya to the Cape—the story of Boddington's hunts in the Dark Continent during the last ten years is here! Since writing his first African book, he has shot big game in Ethiopia, the Central African Republic, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, and Botswana—an unparalleled hunting accomplishment. From the steaming jungles of the Congo basin in search of the elusive bongo to the arid bushveld of Zimbabwe for leopard, Boddington pursues a large array of animals. America's most popular international hunter/writer tracks after such exotic animals as the mountain nyala, giant forest hog, sitatunga, giant eland, and a host of other game with unusual names. Of course he hunts such "normal" animals as the Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, and elephant, too! If you like Boddington's magazine articles, you'll love his latest book!

Boddington on Leopard - [DVD]

Code: SABO200-005
Price: $40.00
Qty in Cart: none

This classic film has been years in the making and is now ready for release. Join Craig Boddington, professional hunter Andrew Dawson of Chifuti Safaris, and producers Tim Danklef and Dave Fulson of Safari Classics Productions as they guide you through the most comprehensive film ever produced on the art of hunting the most elusive member of the Big 5, the African leopard. Craig returns to the famed Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe with Andrew and match wits with a trophy tom as they try to lure him to bait during daylight hours, a first in Craig's safari career that spans 30 years. BODDINGTON ON LEOPARD is an in depth look into the secretive world of the leopard. Safari Classics cameras capture the excitement and heart pumping action of over 20 successful hunts filmed on location in some of Africa’s premier leopard destinations.

Whether you are a safari veteran or planning your first leopard hunt, you will find this film both exciting and informative. Run time 3 hours 45 minutes.

The African Experience - [DVD]

Code: SABO200-007
Price: $40.00
Qty in Cart: none

As a follow-up to Craig's book of the same title, this film will be a real benefit to any hunter planning an African safari. This DVD is the most comprehensive attempt ever produced on the entire safari experience. THE AFRICAN EXPERIENCE DVD will take the hunter on a continent-wide tour and give the viewer an inside looks at the modern day safari.

You'll find detailed information on:

--Africa's game animals
--African game country
--Planning your safari
--Guns and loads
--Safari preparation and gear
--Shooting and shot placement tips
--Field care, taxidermy and trophy shipping
--And much more

Whether you are an African veteran of planning your first safari, this film will help you get the most out of you own...AFRICAN EXPERIENCE. Total run time: 3 hours, Two Disk Set.

Boddington on Buffalo 2 - [DVD]

Code: SABO200-009
Price: $40.00
Qty in Cart: none

Back in November, 2004, Craig Boddington and his partners at Safari Classics Productions released the DVD ‘Boddington on Buffalo’, which they believed set a new standard in outdoor film making. They are now pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated sequel to the original classic with the release of Boddington on Buffalo II, ‘The Future is Now’.

Once again, he has teamed up with Professional hunter Andrew Dawson as they take the track of Africa’s most popular dangerous game animal. In addition to over 24 action packed hunting segments within the film, including two spectacular charges from wounded buffalo, Boddington On Buffalo II takes an in depth look at the future of buffalo hunting across Africa with panel discussions including legendary professional hunters such as Harry Selby and Barrie Duckworth to name just a few.

If you have enjoyed his previous films on African big game hunting, Boddington on Buffalo II will surely become the centerpiece of your Africana collection. This is non-stop cape buffalo-start to finish.